• Mother's Day

    Happy Mother’s Day

    As Sunday is Mother’s Day, we have selected some items to treat your mum to, a card is never enough. Insure her home with our attractive Home Insurance policy Buy

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  • Untitled design

    Factors to Consider when Selecting a Savings Plan

    Life is supposed to be a happy journey but at times, may turn into a struggle due to a failure of planning our finances in advance. This is why it is important

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    Achieving a Healthier Lifestyle

    If achieving a healthier lifestyle is one of your New Year’s resolutions, here are five ways to get healthier and make 2016 your best year yet. A new year comes

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    Driving in the Dark

    Compromised night vision, fatigue, rush hour, impaired drivers, lack of light all are contributors to making driving more dangerous at night than during the day. The glare of headlights from

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    How to Prevent Kitchen Fires

    Most home fires happen in the kitchen, cooking being the number one cause of this. Cooking pots and pans left unattended on the stoves while hot are the usual culprits

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    Limit your Children’s Time on the Screen

    Times have changed and children no longer spend their time playing around in the mud and kicking balls outside. The little time our parents let us watch television or play

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