Safety In The Kitchen

Safety Tips when using Knives at Home

You may be surprised at the first rule of safety about knives: Use sharp knives. Ironic, right? When using a sharp knife, one applies less pressure and they are less likely to slip when cutting in comparison to when using a blunt knife.

Here are the other tips about kitchen knives:

  • Use the proper knife: Always select the correct type and size of knife for the job. For instance, along knife is best for carving meat while a small knife is better used for trimming vegetables. It is also important to place something on the cutting board instead of your hand when cutting it.
  • Keep your eyes on the object you are cutting: One can easily get distracted when cutting which is a safety risk.
  • Let it fall: If a knife is falling, don’t try to catch it just step back.
  • Be careful where you place your knives: Avoid placing knives at the edge of a counter or cutting board. Don’t put it under a towel or napkin, you might forget it was there. Don’t place a knife in a sink with other utensils, someone might reach and accidentally grab the blade.
  • Store knives correctly: Storing knives in a drawer increases the chances of cutting yourself compared to when stored in a knife block. Most importantly keep the knives out of children’s reach!
  • Talk to children about knife safety: Teach children how to handle a knife and supervise them as they use it. It is always best when you demonstrate all these things.

Any other tips you use that you want to share? Share on the comment section below.