Group Life Assurance Plan

First Assurance offers you a high quality Insurance package for your employees, tailor made to meet your specific needs and at a rate you can afford.


Last Expense (Funeral) Rider.

Fast access to finance to meet funeral expenses is very vital to the family that has lost a loved one. The
key advantage under this rider is that the benefit is payable within 48 hours of official notification and

satisfactory proof of death.

Critical Illness Rider

This cover prepays 30% of the Sum Assured up to a maximum of the agreed amount under the scheme if
the Life Assured suffers from the diseases listed under the policy during the term of the policy.

HIV/AIDS Treatment Rider

This cover provides Anti- Retroviral (ARV) drugs for HIV positive members and their spouses. It is
important to note that First Assurance Group Life policy does not have exclusion on HIV/AIDS deaths or
cover restriction for HIV positive members.

Group Disability Rider

If the Life Assured becomes continuously unable to perform their normal occupation due to sickness

or injury, First Assurance will pay 75% of the annual pre-disability salary subject to a maximum of KShs.

240,000.00 per year for a period of 24 months.

Permanent Disability Rider

This rider provides for the payment of the full Sum Assured on permanent and total disability of the Life
Assured arising out of sickness or injury.

  • Benefits range is normally a multiple of 1 to 5 times annual basic salary but can also be based on fixed amounts per staff categor
  • y.
  • The employer pays premiums annually.
  • Premium based on total sum assured and age of employee
  • Policy is not subject to an AIDS Exclusion clause.

Cover is open to employee aged between 18 to 65 years

What is the claims turnaround period?
Is cover restricted to HIV positive members?
Who decides on the level of cover?
Must the benefit limit be tied to basic salaries of members?
Who pays for the medical expenses for members required to take a medical examination?
What is the maximum age limit?