A Day of Athletic Glory and Industry Unity At The AKI Sports Events

When it comes to sports, we certainly know how to make a grand entrance! On the 30th of September,

Nyayo Stadium witnessed the spirited participation of 54 First Assurance team members in the annual

AKI (Association of Kenya Insurers) sports event.

Our team, a dynamic blend of sports fanatics, eagerly delved into a plethora of sporting contests.

They approached each challenge with immense enthusiasm, and the range of events they competed in

was nothing short of impressive. From heart-pounding track and field races, including the 100m, 200m,

1500m, 4x100m relay, and 4x400m relay, to engaging in renowned childhood games like

Mungaringari, Tug of War, and Kati. Additionally, they showed their skills on the soccer pitch with a

spirited 7-a-side Football match, hit the pool for a bit of Swimming, and even took up the precision

sport of Darts.


Our team’s participation was not merely a matter of attendance as they excelled in a number of these

competitions, clinching top honours in the highly competitive Ladies and Gents 200m races. Rhoda and

Edward’s lightning-fast sprints left spectators in awe, earning First Assurance’s pride as they took first


In the world of precision sports, Victor Kiminjah proved to be a standout talent in Darts, securing a

well-deserved third-place finish and adding yet another accolade to First Assurance’s burgeoning

collection of sporting achievements.

This event was an opportunity for networking and collaboration within the insurance industry.

Dignitaries and key players from the insurance sector graced the occasion, fostering an atmosphere of

togetherness and mutual respect.

Our presence at the event underscored our commitment to promoting a healthy work-life balance

among our team members. It also exemplified our dedication to nurturing positive relationships with

fellow professionals in the insurance industry.