A Few Smart Moves after that Major Purchase

December 1, 2015 / By first

The festive season is here, and shopping has never been so tempting. It all started on Black Friday, followed by Cyber Monday and now, December is here; Festive Season Shopping.


Most of us will be out there buying pricey gifts for their loved ones and many a times, throw in that electronic you always wanted into your shopping cart. Be it a television, a new laptop, a new phone or even a new gas cooker for the new recipes you want to try out and show off to the family over Christmas.


When shopping, remember, this is also the best time to think about protecting your new found possessions. Here are a few things to consider after your shopping:


  • Always save your receipts, instruction manuals and warranty cards in a file. These may come in handy in the future. You can also scan and save them in soft copy as a backup in case of loss or damage to the file.


  • Ensure that you always record serial numbers or any other identifying marker in your home inventory file.


  • Find out if the service contracts frequently offered by retailers are worth the cost. For instance, some electronics like digital cameras usually become out of date after a short while but for items like refrigerators usually last for a long period and a great candidate for the service contract, all depending on the price.


  • Last but not least, remember to double-check your insurance policy, ensure it covers your new possessions by contacting your insurance company. Check what your limits are and your insurance company should be able to advise you accordingly. See more HERE


After these few things, sit down, relax and enjoy your new found possessions.