Celebrating Our Valued Intermediaries


At First Assurance, we understand our intermediaries’ crucial role in our success. Their support,

dedication, and hard work are the cornerstones of our continued growth and excellence. The First

Assurance team, led by our managing director, Mr. Stephen Lokonyo, hosted the Kisumu region’s

intermediaries at the Acacia Premier Hotel on August 11, 2023, to create more awareness of our

product portfolio through training. This engagement was our way of saying “Thank You” for their

steadfast commitment to our mission.

Mr. Stephen Lokonyo’s presence reminded us of our commitment to intermediaries and their vital

role in our business. His insightful words of encouragement and appreciation set the tone for the

day, inspiring all of us to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve embarked on together.

Mr. Paul Sewe, Head of Branch Network, joined us, whose tireless efforts in expanding our reach

and nurturing relationships have been instrumental in our growth. We were also honoured to have

Mr. Isaac Nguono, the Branch Manager of Kisumu, who knows the western region and has been a

beacon of support for our intermediaries in the area.

One of the most memorable parts of our engagement was the interactive session during a

luncheon. This session allowed for open discussions, the sharing of knowledge, and networking.

Our intermediaries were able to provide their valuable insights, experiences, and suggestions for

improving our services. The dialogue we had during this session was priceless, as it assisted us in

refining our strategies and ensuring that we continue to exceed the expectations of our esteemed


There was a distinct sense of happiness in the air at the occasion. It was encouraging to see the

strong connections that had formed between our intermediates over time. These connections go

beyond business because they are founded on mutual trust, respect, and a common desire to build

a better future.

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our intermediaries in the western region: Kevin

Amalemba, Francis Jared Owino, Basiliano Juma, and Sylverton Aluoch, among other agents who

were present. You are not just partners, but an integral part of the First Assurance family. Your

dedication and hard work inspire us to continue striving for excellence in everything we do. Thank

you for being the pillars of our success.