Driving in the Dark

December 29, 2015 / By first

Compromised night vision, fatigue, rush hour, impaired drivers, lack of light all are contributors to making driving more dangerous at night than during the day.

The glare of headlights from a vehicle coming from the opposite side of the road can blind a driver temporarily. In the dark, visibility is limited to about 500 ft or less which gives you less reaction time when you notice something on the road this is even worse for people driving as high speeds. Below are a few tips on how to drive in the dark:

  1. Drive slower than you would during the day
  2. Ensure your headlights are clean and aim them correctly.
  3. Try your best to look away from oncoming headlights.
  4. To eliminate streaks on your windshield, clean it regularly.
  5. Have scheduled annual vision exams
  6. Take a driving refresher course every once in a while.
  7. When driving at night, minimize distractions.
  8. When taking prescription meds, check with your doctor on driving
  9. Stay alert on the road.
  10. Don’t use your phone when driving.


It is always advisable to slow down and be alert on the road whether it’s day or night. Share more tips and your experiences on the road at night in the comment section below.