How to Prevent Kitchen Fires

December 29, 2015 / By first

Most home fires happen in the kitchen, cooking being the number one cause of this. Cooking pots and pans left unattended on the stoves while hot are the usual culprits of kitchen fires, but there are less obvious causes that you may not be aware of. Today, we share a few tips on how to prevent kitchen fires.


  1. Never leave the kitchen while cooking and if you have to, turn off the stove.
  2. Use a timer if you need a reminder of the food on the stove.
  3. While working in the kitchen, especially on the fire, ensure that you are not wearing loose clothing especially with dangling sleeves as this can catch fire easily.
  4. Enforce a ‘No Go Zone’ for the children in the kitchen. Let them be at least 3 feet away from the fire/heat source.
  5. Keep anything that can easily catch fire like towels, away from your stove or any kitchen appliance that generates heat.
  6. To prevent grease build up, clean your kitchen surfaces regularly.
  7. Before going to bed or leaving the house, check and double check your kitchen to ensure that all the appliances and stoves are turned off.
  8. You may want to consider buying a fire extinguisher to keep in your kitchen and have the whole household trained on the same.
  9. Install a smoke alarm system around the house especially in the kitchen.


Any other tip that we may have left out? Please share in the comment section below.