Job Summary

To provide advice and support in practice formulation and associated best practice improvement tactics; enabling the provision of specialist auditing expertise.

Job Description

1. Assurance: Plan the delivery of assigned audits to a high quality and in line with Key Performance Indicators as per the methodology. This will include adequate resourcing scheduling, meeting key deliverables in terms of audit timelines and review of audit work to confirm that the minimum requirements as per methodology are met

2. Assurance: Manage the execution of Design Effectiveness Testing (DEA) and Operational Effectiveness Testing (OET) of the audit team in line with methodology requirements and as per the requirements of the QA scorecard

3. Leadership and Management: Mentor and coach less experienced team members by providing guidance around the methodology and audit process, and manage the teams that assigned to the audit effectively by delegating audit work to empower each individual team member

4. Team work: Support IA management team to identify, attract, develop and retain talent on an ongoing basis.

5. Relationship Management: Present effectively at stakeholder meetings and forums (e.g.: Risk and Governance Forums etc.) by sharing knowledge and information, including methodology, standards, changes and new developments, with business stakeholders on an ongoing basis, and develop and maintain relationships with accountable stakeholder management on each audit.

6. Commercial: Use business knowledge to assess evolving risks, write high quality reports with observations which are insightful, address the root cause, have agreed actions that fully mitigate the risk, support the Issues Assurance process and require no further audit work to support them.


Bachelor’s Degree: Auditing, Bachelor’s Degree: Business, Commerce and Management Studies

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