Limit your Children’s Time on the Screen

October 27, 2015 / By first

Times have changed and children no longer spend their time playing around in the mud and kicking balls outside. The little time our parents let us watch television or play video games in the past has increased significantly.

Most of the children in our modern society spend over 5 hours a day on screen. Be it the television, computer, tablet or smart phone screen.

Today, we will share a few tips on how to limit screen time for your children.

• Introduce your children to some board games that will also involve you as the parent for more family activities.
• Teach your children to understand what to and not to watch.
• Avoid screens before bed time and before school. You can replace this with a family activity.
• Reduce your screen time when at home with your children

What do you do to limit your children’s time on the screen?