Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, and any transport or property by which
cargo is transferred, acquired, or held between the points of origin and final destination.

When moving valuable cargo on sea, air or land you need the assurance that you’re protected from
any loss should anything happen to the vessel.

First cargo from First Assurance covers the risks of loss or damage to goods in transit from the first
loading zone to the final destination.


Marine Cargo

We have a product First Marine Cargo that offers Value for money; we have Flexible and wide coverage to cover all your marine requirements.

To suit your shipment needs, First cargo comes packaged in 3 clauses:-

Clause A

Named perils clause

Loss or damage to insured cargo reasonably attributable to :-

  • Covers all risks of loss or damage to insured cargo except those under the policy e.g. wilful misconduct of the insured, ordinary leakage, unseaworthiness.

Clause B

Named perils clause

Unnamed perils clause

  • Fire or Explosion.
  • Vessel or craft being stranded, grounded, sunk or capsized.
  • Overturning or derailment of land conveyance.
  • Collision or contact of vessel, craft or convenyance with any external object other than water
  • Discharge of cargo at a port of distress
  • Earthquake, volcanic eruption or lightning
  • General average sacrifice
  • Jettison
  • Washing Overboard
  • Entry of sea, lake or river water into the vessel, craft, hold, conveyance, container, lift van or place of storage
  • Total loss of any package lost overboard or dropped whilst loading onto, or unloading from, vessel or craft

Clause C

  • Loss or damage to insured cargo attributable to:

  • Fire or explosion

  • Vessel or craft being stranded grounded sunk or capsized

  • Overturning or derailment of land conveyance

  • Collision or contact of vessel craft or conveyance with any external object other than water

  • Discharge of cargo at a port of distress

  • General Average Sacrifice

  • Jettison

Marine Hull (Yachts and Small Crafts)

Covers Loss of or damage to the insured craft, her machinery, gear and equipment whilst within the Republic of Kenya ashore or afloat or in transit by road or by rail.

Third Parties and Passengers claims, but excluding fare paying Passengers, legally liability to pay for death or injury to persons or damage to their property including damage to piers, wharves and jetties and the cost of any attempted or actual raising removal or destruction of the wreck of the Insured Craft.

Subject to exclusions as per policy