Blood Stock and Pet

Blood Stock and Pet

The policy covers the animal  that shall be kept by the Insured as a pet or for the purpose of security within the Insured’s household or for hire and reward as declared.

It covers against ‘Accident’ include :-

  • Death by fire
  • lightning
  • riot and strike
  • snakebite
  • electrocution
  • natural calamities including  flood cyclone  earthquake
  • Transportation contingencies by land.

Note: Any treatment to the Insured Animals shall be carried out only by a qualified veterinary doctor.

The liability of the Company in respect of the Insured Animal(s) shall not exceed the Declared Value set against each Insured Animal in the Schedule or the market value of such an animal immediately prior to the occurrence resulting in its death or permanent total disablement whichever sum shall be the lower