FirstMed – KES 1,000,000 cover

Illnesses do not book appointments but we will cover you if and when they visit you and your family

FirstMed – KES 1,000,000 cover

Inpatient Benefit Per Family


Outpatient Benefit Per Person


Maternity Benefit


Dental Benefit-Per Person


Optical Benefit-Per Person


Frames(One pair every 2 years)


One eye test per annum per person,Prescription lenses (One pair every 2 years)

Dental and Optical Benefit must be taken as a Package and with Outpatient plans

Policy Waiting period

Illness claims are subject to a waiting period of 30 days and 0 days for accident related treatment



  • Out patient Benefits -Limit Kshs. 50,000
  • Consoltation fees(Doctors on panel)
  • Pathology, x-rays, MRI, CT scan and other necessary diagnostic tests
  • Prescription drugs and dressing up to a maximum of 30 days Dosage
  • Gynecological illness and treatment**
  • Pre-existing and chronic cover (Year 2) Cancer treatment (Year 3)
  • Psychiatric treatment (Year 2)
  • Physiotherapy- Upon approval by First Assurance
  • 24 hours help line: 0709 122 000.
  • General office lines (8am to 5pm):0709 544 000
  • Email:


  • Members actively in service from age 18 to age 59 are eligible for cover. A member already in the scheme can have cover extended up to 65 years of age provided that he/she remains in active service and subject to underwriting.
  • Dependent Children are eligible for cover from 3 Months (term Baby of 38 Weeks) of age up till the age of 18 years
  • Members above 45 years are subjected to mandatory medical exams; Acceptance is subject to underwriting


Can I add my dependants In between the cover? Will be required to pay full year premiums?
Yes, you can add. You will pay prorated premiums base on the number of days the dependants will be on cover.
Will my dependants be subjected to waiting period?
No, their cover commences immediately.
Minimum number of Employees
Waiting period for marternity
All bills are settled net of NHIF