First Auto Motor Insurance

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First Auto Motor Insurance

This policy covers loss or damage to the vehicle and its accessories including legal liability to third parties and passengers in respect of death or bodily injury arising from the use of the motor vehicle. The following risks are covered:

  • Accidental damage
  • Riot and strikes
  • Special perils which include flood ,typhoon, hurricane, earthquake and volcanic eruption
  • Fire
  • Theft




In the event of an accident covered by this policy happening outside the city/town of residence of the insured, the Company undertakes to reimburse the Named Insured or spouse excluding Authorized Drivers, accommodation charges incurred subject to the limit as specified in the schedule. The amount is reimbursable only in the event of the Insured himself having been involved in the accident and also subject to the vehicle having been totally immobilized as a result of the accident.


Notwithstanding anything contained to the contrary and subject to the limits as specified in the schedule this policy is extend to cover loss of personal effects incurred by the Named Insured or spouse excluding authorized Drivers as a result of an accident covered under this policy.


It is hereby agreed and understood that the Named Insured or spouse excluding authorized driver, having opted to cover his vehicle under the First Auto plan is deemed to be covered for personal accident insurance for an amount of Kshs 250,000/- against Death only arising directly out of and in the course of driving any motor vehicle or travelling in any motor as a passenger, within the geographical Area. It is also understood that the liability of the company shall only arise when death shall occur within 12 calendar months from the date of such injury and directly resulting from the same.


It hereby declared and agreed that the insured having opted to insure the “First Auto Motor Policy” is eligible to become a member of the AA of Kenya 24 Hour Road Rescue and shall be entitled to all benefits and facilities granted under the scheme, which is administered by Auto Assured for a period of one year during the currency of the policy. It is to be noted; however that Auto Assured Membership will cease to be effective immediately on lapse, cancellation or expiry of the policy with First Assurance Co. Ltd.


It is hereby declared and agreed that in the event of an accident or theft of the insured vehicle the insured will be entitled to a courtesy car from our panel of approved car hire firms for a period of 30 days at a rate of Kshs 3,000/- per day but excluding the first 3 days from the date of the accident.


It is hereby declared and agreed that the insured will not be required to pay to the insurer the excess on own damage excess following an accident provided that the insured shall submit to the insurer a completed and duly signed Policy Abstract to confirm that the insured was not to blame for the accident.


Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary and subject to the limit as specified in the schedule, this policy is extended to cover loss incurred by the Named Insured or spouse but excluding Authorized Drivers as a result of forced ATM withdrawal following car-jacking incident involving the insured vehicle.

  • Windscreen limit KES 30,000
  • Radio cassette limit KES 30,000
  • Emergency medical expenses limit KES 30,000
  • Third party property damage KES 5,000,000
  • Passenger liability limit KES 3 million per person and KES 20 million per event
  • Towing /recovery charges KES 30,000
  • Death or bodily injury to third party persons
  • Legal cost incurred with the consent of the insurer.
  • Loss or damage when vehicle is in custody of a motor trader


First Auto Endorsment

Motor insurance cover types can be divided into 3 broad categories:

Third Party Only(TPO)

This category provides compensation to people who have been injured or had their property damaged by the insured vehicle. It does not compensate the driver and passengers of the insured vehicle. The law requires all vehicles to have at least this type of insurance as it provides financial compensation to the general public in case of losses caused by motorists.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This category provides all the coverage available under TPO as well as:

  • Repair of the insured vehicle in case of damage due to a fire
  • Payment by the insurance company to the client for replacement of an insured vehicle that has either been stolen or damaged by fire to the extent that it is uneconomical to repair.
  • Limited reimbursement for the cost of towing the insured vehicle to a place of safety after an accident.

Comprehensive insurance

This type of cover provides the widest range of protection including all the coverage available under TPFT as well as:

  • Repair of the insured vehicle in case of damage due to an accident, impact etc.
  • Payment by the insurance company to the client for replacement of an insured vehicle that has been stolen or damaged to the extent that it is uneconomical to repair.
  • Limited reimbursement for medical expenses incurred by the driver and passengers in the insured vehicle in case of an accident.


1. What are some of the exclusions?

  • Difference between comprehensive and Third Party?
  • Comprehensive covers the vehicle against accidents , theft and liability while Third party covers liability only.
  • Is the driver covered by motor insurance?
  • No they need to take a personal accident cover.

Exclusions are circumstances that would cause a claim to be considered un-payable by the insurance company. Some of the reasons a claim may be denied include:

  • If the loss was caused by the driver being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • If a vehicle has been used by the insured (or with the authority of the insured) for a purpose other than that specified in the proposal form and policy document. This means that if a vehicle is used for a purpose different from use stated on the proposal form at any time during the policy period, the insurance contract is null and void and no claims will be paid against that policy regardless of the use of the vehicle at the time of the accident or theft.
  • If the vehicle is driven by someone who is not legally licensed to operate that type of motor vehicle.

2. Is premium paid at the time of claim?

No. premium is paid at inception of cover.

3. What is an excess?

An excess is the first part of a claim that is paid by the insured, while the insurance company pays the rest of the claim up to the maximum payable.

4. What is an excess protector?

If you are involved in an accident or loss and you have to pay an excess as indicated above, you can insure this amount payable such as when an accident arises you will be covered against the financial loss in respect of a claim made under your motor policy. This protection will be in the form of a nominal addition to your motor premiums in the range of 0.5% to 1% of the value of your car.

5. How should I report my motor insurance claim?

Claims can be reported to any First Assurance Company Limited branch by phone during working hours, via email or by visiting the nearest First Assurance office so that the claim can be registered immediately. Then please complete a claim form as soon as possible.

6. What documents should I submit when I am reporting a motor insurance claim?

  • Motor claim form
  • Copy of valid driver’s license of the person driving the car at the time of the accident
  • Original police abstract –Please note that the Kenya Police requires all accidents to be reported and recorded in the occurrence book (OB) within 24 hours of the happening of the accident.

7. In case of damage to my insured car, can it be repaired at a garage of my choice or does the insurance company have a panel of garages I must choose from?

First Assurance Company Limited has a wide range of garages to choose from. The list can be obtained from your insurance agency or the nearest First Assurance office upon request. If you prefer the car to be repaired in a garage NOT on the list provided by First Assurance, kindly get a written approval from the claims department at First Assurance before commencing repairs.

8. Once I report damage to my car, how long will it take for the garage to begin repairs?

This depends on the extent of damage and availability of spares. However on average, it takes approximately three (3) days.

9. In case my car is written off or stolen, how long will it take for the insurance company to compensate me?

If your car is damaged beyond repair (write-off) or if the car is stolen, you will be paid within 14 days of First Assurance receiving all the required documents from you. This list of documents will be explained to you in an offer letter indicating how much First Assurance is offering as compensation for the damage or lost car.

10. What should I do if I receive a letter from a lawyer about a car accident that my car was involved in?

Please do not respond to the lawyer. Instead, please forward the letter to First Assurance, who will take on the case on your behalf. This is one of the benefits offered as part of your motor insurance policy.

11. If my car is involved in an accident where a third party (not the driver or passenger of my car) is injured or the property belonging to a third party is damaged, should I report the claim to the insurance company even if I am not seeking compensation for my car to be repaired?

Yes, please report the claim in writing to First Assurance. It is possible that a claim will be made by the third party at a future date.

12. What is contribution? Why do I have to pay this when I have paid an insurance premium and an Excess?

Contribution is a portion of a claim which an insured is liable for. An insured will be liable to contribute in two instances generally:

Where the vehicle is under-insured. The logic is that the client is his own insurer for the difference. For more details on this, please refer to the Average Clause in Q4, Section A.

Serviceable parts –These are parts prone to high wear and tear and are subject to replacement whether there is an accident or not. E.g battery, engine parts, spark plugs, tyres etc.