October 15, 2021 / By first

Welcome to the New month! The month of October is one where brands celebrate and recognize the backbone of their business – key stakeholders, starting from the external customers to the employees who serve them. This Customer Service Week is a good time to reflect on business practices and re-evaluate the existing customer journey and experience. To ensure customers are satisfied is to pay attention to their diverse needs and find a way to create an all-inclusive environment. This makes this year’s theme all the more apt – Driving Customer Inclusion.

In customer service, an inclusive culture means a diverse audience and equitable access to help, whenever needed. That is to say, the same quality of care must be extended to everyone. Today more than ever, customers are holding businesses to ethical standards. We have seen scandal after scandal, driven by a lack of equity in how customers are treated. As customers, we are more likely to trust brands that are committed to championing equality and treating the customers fairly. Providing open, accessible, and inviting support for all is an opportunity for businesses to differentiate their services. Important to note is that an inclusive customer experience can only be created when a business looks inward to make sure the employee experience is as inclusive as possible. For whatever is internal, can easily be exhibited in how the external customers are treated.

How then can we practically ensure an inclusive customer experience? Here are some quick tips to employ for the organization:

Be informed – Increased knowledge to staff on how to handle customers with different needs will ensure they are more confident and cognizant of how they engage customers. Having regular CX training and sharing resources with internal teams can make a big difference.
Workplace culture – to make a difference, things have to start from the inside out. An inclusive culture is central to continuously strengthening and building inclusive communication. Are employees involved in the decision-making processes of the company and are there open channels for them to give feedback?
Empathy – A heightened awareness and the ability to tune into others can enhance inclusive communication by making it easier to make an emotional connection with customers, and to listen to them more deeply.
At First Assurance, we are not only renewing our commitment to better customer service but also to more inclusivity on both internal and external levels. We will continue to invest in ensuring that all our customer-facing staff are trained in inclusive communication as a part of our customer service strategy. This isn’t just about ensuring that all our customers are treated well and receive the same high level of service, but also about us ensuring our staff employ more sensitivity and awareness as they serve you.