Why a Home Insurance Policy is for You.

November 11, 2015 / By first

Imagine that you have just moved into a new house, or you just decided to award your hard work by

buying yourself that piece of electronic you have been eyeing or that bed you have been dreaming of.

Maybe, you have just bought sofas for your house after waiting many months on the bean bags you

always entertained your friends on. Any damage to any of these items mentioned above can be a great

loss and dig a big hole in your pocket.


It is important and highly advisable to protect yourself from life’s biggest surprises. You may not be able

to protect yourself from all of them, but we help where we can. This is where the Home Insurance policy

comes in.


When you are taking up the Home Insurance Policy, you are insuring three distinct items:

1. The structure of your home

2. Your personal belongings (the contents therein)

3. Your personal liabilities


It’s not just about safeguarding your home against theft or structural damages but also to have that

feeling of security in your home. Money should be the last thing you think about when disaster strikes.

Your main focus at that point should be on restoring your sense of stability.


There are some things that a Home Insurance policy can cover you from, not just theft and structural



Say, your neighbor is bringing you a casserole to welcome you to your new home and your pet dog

attacked her. Or one person from your family injured someone who was visiting you at home. Then a

liability cover in the Home insurance policy can cover you against any lawsuits for bodily injuries or any

property damage that you or members of your family cause to other people.


In the event where your neighbor was injured by your pet or a friend comes to an injury in your home,

they can simply submit their medical bills for this particular injury to your insurance company, this way

the expenses are paid without a liability claim being filed against you or your family members.


It is a requirement by law to ensure that your employees are adequately covered as stipulated under the

Work Injury Benefit Act of 2007 (WIBA). This policy will extend to cover your domestic employee(s)

should they get injured while performing their normal duties. You will therefore have peace of mind in

knowing that your help(s) are covered to the full extent of the law once you get this policy.


Another benefit you may not know of is the additional living expenses benefit. This is where; you and

your family have to move to a hotel because your home was damaged to a point where you cannot live

in it. This covers the hotel bill, meals and any other expenses you may incur while your house is being



There are many advantages of having this policy and it is high time you start looking into getting one.

For the ones who already have this policy. Make it a habit to review it at least annually especially when

you add or upgrade something in your home.