• Preventing Falls

    Avoiding Falls At Home

    Most injuries that occur at home can be avoided especially those that happen to children and elderly adults. Here are tips to help prevent falls around your home: Using night lights:

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  • Choking

    Preventing Choking At Home

    Choking is a common injury among kids under the age of 1 year. Most of the choking episodes are as a result of food and it is important to implement certain

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  • Preventing fire

    Preventing Fire Injuries

    Fires and burns are also common injuries at home and most of these injuries occur as a result of cooking. Here are a few tips to prevent such injuries: Installing smoke

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  • Safety In The Kitchen

    Safety Tips when using Knives at Home

    You may be surprised at the first rule of safety about knives: Use sharp knives. Ironic, right? When using a sharp knife, one applies less pressure and they are less likely

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  • Vantage Points (1)

    Tips to Help You Save Money

    We live in a generation where everyone has a side hustle or is trying to look for one so as to meet their financial goals. If you are looking to

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  • Travel Insurance

    Get a Cover for Your Vacation

    You have been planning your annual vacation after a long year of hard work and no breaks so looking forward to it is not an option but mandatory. What do

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  • domestic

    Easy Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

    A home is the place you go after a long day at work or school to relax and share some laughter with your loved ones. Better yet, for the ones

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  • Mother's Day

    Happy Mother’s Day

    As Sunday is Mother’s Day, we have selected some items to treat your mum to, a card is never enough. Insure her home with our attractive Home Insurance policy Buy

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  • Untitled design

    Factors to Consider when Selecting a Savings Plan

    Life is supposed to be a happy journey but at times, may turn into a struggle due to a failure of planning our finances in advance. This is why it is important

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  • shutterstock_284976443_rendered

    First Assurance Supports Journey to Zero Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ADA)

    In an endeavour to sensitize on the effects of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, First Assurance joined hands with Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA)

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  • shutterstock_344469464

    Achieving a Healthier Lifestyle

    If achieving a healthier lifestyle is one of your New Year’s resolutions, here are five ways to get healthier and make 2016 your best year yet. A new year comes

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  • shutterstock_288685943

    Driving in the Dark

    Compromised night vision, fatigue, rush hour, impaired drivers, lack of light all are contributors to making driving more dangerous at night than during the day. The glare of headlights from

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  • shutterstock_170916005

    How to Prevent Kitchen Fires

    Most home fires happen in the kitchen, cooking being the number one cause of this. Cooking pots and pans left unattended on the stoves while hot are the usual culprits

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  • Award Winning

    Best Claims Settlement Award

    The inaugural Agents Choice Awards were held earlier this month to celebrate insurance industry players that have achieved outstanding reputation over the years. In the just concluded awards, insurance industry players from around the

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  • First Assurance Awards

    Agent’s Choice Awards 2015

    Insurance Agents, awarded First Assurance the Best Claims Settlement Company of the Year Award at a colorful ceremony held at the Safari Park Hotel on 4th December 2015. It all

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  • Lamu Cultural Festival

    Lamu Cultural Festival, 2015

    The Lamu Cultural Festival is a three-day event highlighting Lamu’s heritage in a carnival atmosphere featuring musical performances and dances, henna competitions, dhow and donkey races and traditional craft displays.

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  • first-assurance1

    A Few Smart Moves after that Major Purchase

    The festive season is here, and shopping has never been so tempting. It all started on Black Friday, followed by Cyber Monday and now, December is here; Festive Season Shopping.

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  • Home

    Why a Home Insurance Policy is for You.

    Imagine that you have just moved into a new house, or you just decided to award your hard work by buying yourself that piece of electronic you have been eyeing

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  • shutterstock_176264711 (1)

    Limit your Children’s Time on the Screen

    Times have changed and children no longer spend their time playing around in the mud and kicking balls outside. The little time our parents let us watch television or play

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  • breast-cancer-awareness

    Steps of a Home Breast Self-Exam

    Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women in both developed and developing countries. This does not mean that men are free of this disease; it can

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