Goods in Transit



Loss or damage to merchandise and goods incidental to the Insured’s business, property of the Insured or held by the Insured in trust or on commission and for which the Insured is responsible while being carried by any conveyance described in the schedule anywhere in Kenya.


The cover applies from the time the said merchandise and goods are lifted by the Insured’s employees until the said merchandise and goods are placed in position by them at their destination, including loading and unloading.



The cover can be arranged to give protection for goods carried either:

 – On specified vehicles or trailers owned by the proposer or

 – On any vehicle or trailer owned by the proposer or

 – Any specified vehicle hired or being used by the proposer or

 – Whilst being transported by any road or rail transporters hired by the proposer


During transit, this insurance policy covers the risk of loss or damage that may be occasioned by:

 – Fire

 – Burglary

 – Overturning

 – Collision

 – Hijack



This policy extends to cover expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred in respect of.

 – Cost of debris removal during removal of property damaged, from the site where damage occurred

 – Transferring property from the vehicle following an accident and reloading to another conveyance.

 – Securing and protecting the property at the site of accident.

 – Damage (excluding wear & tear) to tarpaulins, sheets, trailer curtains, ropes, chains, webbing straps and packaging materials following an accident, subject to a stated maximum limit of liability.

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