Group Medical


The scheme enroll members from 18-70 years of age.

Children dependents will be from birth up to 18 years.

Children dependents over 18 years will be covered up to 26 years residing with their parents in full –time recognized post recognized institution. To provide proof of schooling.

No waiting period.


Inpatient scope of cover

Doctors & Anesthetist bills.

Operating theatre fees

Oncology, Organ  Transplant, Dialysis  Treatment

Blood Transfusion

Diagnostic test

Internal prosthesis

External appliances

Road and Air Ambulance services


Outpatient Scope of Cover


Acute medication

Chronic medication

Radiology and pathology

CT & MRI Scans

Scheme will allow choice of medical attendant however this will be restricted to medical practitioners registered with Kenya Medical Practitioners & Dentist Board.


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