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Burglary Insurance


Burglary insurance is a policy that covers losses or damage resulting from or following the unlawful break-in and entering of designated premises or places of safekeeping.


What is covered?

Contents within buildings such as:

  • Stock and materials in trade, the property of the insured.
  • Property held by the insured in trust or on commission and for which the insured is responsible.
  • Machinery, fixtures, fittings, and all contents other than stock and materials in trade.
  • Household goods and personal effects will be included in the case of a shop with a communicating dwelling.



The covers provided under this restricted definition of theft are:

  • Loss of or damage to property insured following actual forcible & violent entry into or exit from the premises.
  • Loss or damage to any part thereof (contents) while within the premises by theft occurring as above.
  • Damage to premises either during theft or attempted theft for which the insured is responsible.
  • This risk is not to be underwritten unless the fire business is also insured with us.
  • Also ensure that the values insured under both fire and burglary are the same.


Burglary Insurance policy provides financial compensation against loss or damage to property contained in your premises by acts of Burglary.

  • Theft following forcible and violent entry.
  • Damage on property following forcible and violent entry.
  • Hold up or threat of assault clause.
  • Temporary removal
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