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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance


The policy covers directors and officers for any wrongful acts committed in their capacity as directors and officers of the Company.

Directors and officers of companies and organizations hold positions of trust, and they have a responsibility to their companies and organizations, shareholders, employees and the public at large. They may be held liable for errors or omission resulting from their decisions and actions as part of their duties.

Some common incidents where they may be held liable include but not limited to:
  • Failure to comply with statutes such as WIBA ACT, income tax Act, occupational health and safety act
  • Negligence supervision of employees
  • Unfair dismissal of employees
  • Third parties for infringement of copy rights
  • Making unauthorized payments
  • Involvement in corruption or bribery
  • Disclosure of private information of employees, customers, suppliers among others
  • Government regulatory bodies for breach of provision of legislation
  • Errors in drawing up contracts.
  • Sexual harassment
  • Environmental impairment
Who needs the cover?

All current, future and past directors and officers of a company and its subsidiaries and non-executive directors.

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