Money insurance


Money insurance cover provides for loss of money in direct transit or on premises including damage to safes or strong room caused by theft or any attempt threat.


This policy covers loss or damage to money by robbery or theft while: –

  • In transit from your premises to the bank and vice versa
  • In your premises during business hours
  • In your premises in locked safes/strong rooms outside business hours
  • Loss of money in the custody of an authorized employee,
  • Loss of, or damage to safes or strong rooms insured in the process of a theft or threat



This policy covers loss of money belonging to the insured because of the following:

  • Theft following forcible entry into premises
  • Theft during transit of such money
  • Hold up or threat
  • Hijack
  • Damage to safes during theft
  • Damage to clothing or personal effects sustained by a principal or employee of the insured because of assault by a person attempting to steal the money.
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